Fearless Armed Robbers Clash With Police In A Back To Back Gun Battle

Police Exchanged Gun fire with Robbers
Police Exchanged Gun fire with Robbers

A fresh gun battle between four armed robbers and some officers of the Ghana Police Service in the Savanna Region has been reported.

The incident happened in the Sawla District’s Tuna Zone near Danniwur. The armed robbers had blocked the Wa to Sawla highway and were busily having their operation. Their main aim was to rob all passengers of their properties.

In the process, the Police got wind of the operation and moved to save the situation. Upon seeing the police in a vehicle, the armed robbers who were bent on having a successful operation decided to engage the police in a serious gun battle, but professionalism was at play. The police tactfully saved the situation by shooting one of the armed robbers.


He died instantly with the remaining three escaping to the nearby bush after realizing the police were overpowering them.

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