Drama as man catches pregnant wife cheating [photos]


Anger, sorrow and disappointment is brewing in the heart of Abraham Abaapale who hails from the upper East region but works and lives at Daban in the Ashanti region.

Mr Abaapale has caught his pregnant wife on their matrimonial bed with someone he refers to as a family friend.

Narrating his ordeal to sources close to Cityzen_Vigilante, he said, he has been living and working in Kumasi for the past fifteen (15) years with a very close friend who was caught with the wife.

Both of them work as mechanics in the Suame magazine and have almost always done everything together till he met his wife.

Mr Abaapale informs us that, he told his mother he wanted to get married about five (5) years back and the mother said since he was not dating anyone back in Kumasi and was willing to settle down, she had someone in mind that she wanted the son to marry.

He agreed to the mother’s proposal and began to engage in telephone conversations with the lady, now Mrs Abaapale until he subsequently went back home to perform the marriage rights.

He came back to Kumasi and made arrangements for the lady to join him because he was still living in the same room with the friend by then. After a few months he was able to get some money to rent his own room in the neighborhood and the wife joined him.Few months time, the wife got pregnant and delivered their first child, a baby boy. After some few months she got pregnant again.

To cut long story short, the friend and the wife also became friends due to how close the two men were. He even invited the friend to come over and eat whatever his wife prepared because the friend was still living alone.

Soon, he began to feel uncomfortable with the way the friend was close to the wife to the extent that, the friend could call the wife on phone and they would speak for several minutes.

He began hearing rumors of sexual relationship between the wife and the friend. He ignored because he thought he was overthinking or overacting out of jealousy.


Wednesday, July 21, 2020, he went to work but was not feeling well and so he decided to return home, get some medication and rest only to bump into the pregnant wife and the friend cuddling on their matrimonial bed.


Rage ensued and he fought with the man. The wife shouted for help and people came to the scene to separate the two friends.

He angrily asked the wife to leave the house thinking the wife would feel remorseful and apologize but that did not happen.

The wife left the house and came back after 24 hours with the same friend he had fought with.

Again, he got angry and was insulting the the wife and the friend and asked them to leave his house. The wife also got angry and in the course of the outbursts told the husband that, he was not the father of the unborn child. To make matters worse, the wife also told him the first child, who is only three (3) years old, is equally not his biological son and that; the first child and the unborn child are all the friend’s children.

How cruel could the world be?

At the moment, Mr Abaapale has been taken to the mission house of his church and is receiving counseling from elders and Psychologists. The wife is in the house awaiting the decision of her husband and is also being spoken to. Obviously, she would move in with Mr Abaapale’s friend.

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