Student Caught Using Earpods To Cheat In Exam Hall (Video)

Photo of the Student

A video circulating over social media shows the moment a lecturer caught a female student using ear-pods to cheat during an examination at an undisclosed institution.

The lady had apparently connected her earphones to the phone’s Bluetooth and was being told the answer by someone outside the exam hall.

Although citizens were divided on whether the scene was staged or not, in the video, the lecturer confronted the lady who had on a wig that was covering her ears.

After close inspection, he not only found the ear-pods in her ear but also discovered that she had hidden the phone neatly under her wig.


The lecturer vowed to ensure she gets expelled, then ordered her to leave the exam hall. But shortly before walking out, she could be heard querying her friend, named Anita.

Watch the video:

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