Akuffo Addo has disappointed Me – NPP sympathizer weeps uncontrollably in public [video]

NPP sympathizer weeps
NPP sympathizer weeps

A video of an unidentified man in his middle forties sobbing hysterically on the floor was captured on camera.

According to what he said, the man is a supporter of the New Patriotic Party, but he appears to have lost faith in the current administration.

“The NPP has disappointed me because I expected them to do something better to take this country ahead to the promised land, but all they have done since coming to power is made things worse.

I spotted a tall person on the voting box, but I ignored him and voted for a lesser candidate, believing that he would be better than the taller candidate.


We stated that Moses would not assist us because he claimed to be a dead goat. As a result, Ghanaians rejected him and voted for Aaron, who only served to exacerbate the problem.”

“Ghana’s people are suffering. I implore Ghanaian politicians to repent of their misdeeds since God’s kingdom is near.”

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