Policeman arrested for leading armed robbery group


A policeman identified as Constable Abubakar Yakubu of Counter-Terrorism Unit(CTU) has been arrested for leading in a robbery attack with some other armed robbers.

According to preliminary investigations by the police, Constable Yakubu led a group of men to attack one Sampson Gyamfi who was seated at Soldier Bar with some friends.

The report continued that the police man ordered Sampson to hand over the keys to his Black Chevrolet car which he refused.

It added that the refusal of Sampson to hand over the keys to him resulted in a fight with Constable Yakubu pouncing on him and forcibly taking the keys to the car from him.

That didn’t end there as the policeman and his group attacked another friend who was sitting there and took his gold chain worth 2,400gh.


Bazecity revealed that Sampson after getting a free chance run to the nearest police check post and reported the incident to the police who followed him to the scene of the incident.

Upon seeing the police, some of the men who accompanied Constable Yakubu to carry out the act took to their heels but one of them identified as Kwasi Darko was arrested.

The police retrieved a pair of handcuffs, a police ID card and the car keys of Sampson’s car after a search conducted on Constable Yakubu.

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