Since you’ve said teaching does not make rich, we ain’t gonna stop galamsey – Young boys to Akufo-Addo [video]


Two “galamsey” boys have sent a message to President Akufo-Addo announcing their independent decision to continue destroying the land through activities of illegal small scale mining. 

Sharing the video, these boys said their resolve to continue with Galamsey” although it has been banned is premised on a statement made by President Akufo-Addo about the welfare of Ghanaian teachers.

According to them, for the president to say that teaching does not make rich, it presupposes that he has no interest in making the profession attractive thus they will also continue with their galamsey operation.


They stressed that they are prepared to destroy the land, make a fortune, and relocate to Heaven (whatever that means!).

Activities of galamsey have been condemned by all Ghanaians and the government has taken pragmatic steps to stop the illegal operation but it appears those engaged in it do not find other professions or jobs lucrative enough thus are left with no other option than to subject the environment to degradation.

Check Out Video Below:

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