Newly Repented Moesha Boduong Will Die By September b – Man Of God says


This is a religious conundrum: who is really speaking for God?  And who are we supposed to believe? If it’s true that Moesha has really repented—then why can’t what the prophet of God be saying also be true?

It’s this sort of bucket of lies that I detest—yet that is what religion/God promotes.

According to a report by, “A prophet claims that the actress would be dead by September this year. Loudmouth Ghanaian presenter and social media land guard Adu Safowaa revealed this in an interview. Since Moesha’s issue started, Safowaa has taken it upon herself to spiritually interpret what is happening.”

You cannot reasonably grant that this prophet of God is fake and yet turn around to say Moesha’s repentance is not fake—or that Adu Safowaa’s so-called spiritual interpretation of matters is fake.


At best, they are all fake—or they are all real. If you seek to legitimize one, it must be distinguishable from the others on a valid argument or evidence which there is none for any of the claims.

It’s up to you now to believe the Prophet of God, Moesha, or Adu Safowaa.

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