He Is The One We The Chiefs Will Support Come 2024 Election – Ashanti Chief Blows Cover


The trend has now become very obvious after a very influential chief who plays a very significant role at the Manhyia palace of the Ashanti kingdom has openly given a hint on who the traditional council consisting of chiefs and kings in the country are preparing to support to come to power in the next presidential election in 2025.

Speaking live on Accra based Net 2 television on the seat show program hosted by Kwaku Annan, the Asantehene sub chief by the name Daasebre Nana Obrikomfour boldly confirmed that chiefs and kings has lost their relevance in the governance of the country due to the 1992 constitution and this had given all the powers to our political leaders to do things in their own interest without even considering the chiefs and kings.

He therefore revealed the particular candidate whom he is of confidence will be Willing to make the chiefs very influential in his government because his father is a chief. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.


“We the chiefs of this country has already decided on the candidate to support in the 2024 elections. He is from the NPP and we know he will regard we the chiefs in his government because he is from a Royal home”, he hinted.

Per the description given by the chief, which particular NPP candidate do you think the traditional council are willing to support come 2024?

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