Ghanaians must direct their anger at Parl over approved salaries for 1st & 2nd ladies – Anyidoho


The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Atta-Mills Institute Koku, Anyidoho, has asked Ghanaians to direct their anger over the recommendation to pay the First and Second Ladies monthly salary at parliamentarians.

The former director of communication at the Presidency under the late President Atta-Mills said the MPs failed Ghanaians in discharging their duties as parliamentarians.

He is also disappointed that MPs could pass a recommendation by the Prof. Ntiamoah-Baidu committee on emoluments without reading the report.

Ghanaians have expressed outrage at the recommendation by the committee for the First and Second Ladies saying it is outrageous.

Some have described the recommendation as unconstitutional and should not be implemented.

Reacting to the issue in a series of tweets, Mr. Anyidoho said parliamentarians should be blamed for this because they approved the report.

”If Ghanaians are angry at the attempt to pay salaries to 1st & 2nd Ladies, the anger should be directed at Parliament since we are now being told by MPs that, they did not see nor read the Report before approving it. The judgement debts also arise b’cos of same lack of reading,” his tweet read.

Mr. Anyidoho is also demanding answers over approvals given to reports by parliament without reading through the reports.


”Heard the Deputy Minority Leader say on Neat FM this morning that, he, the entire Minority, & many MPs on the Majority side did not see nor read the Report on emoluments for 1st & 2nd Ladies, before approving it. How many more Reports have they approved in the same way? I am shocked! another tweet read.

From the point of public policy and civic education, which the institute is championing, Mr. Anyidoho said the MPs must be held to account for disappointing their constituents.

He said a Deputy Minority Leader and other senior members of parliament could make such claims, then Ghanaians would have to take them on for failing on their constitutional duty.

He said if the MPs from both sides are claiming that they did not see the report, why did they not speak about it, so the public to know but only to come out and attack the First and Second Ladies who have done no wrong.

He further asserted that it is unfortunate that the First and Second Ladies have been attacked over the failure of parliament.

”The committee only made recommendations, and parliament approved it, and so if Ghanaians are angry, they should be angry at parliamentarians. You [parliamentarians] failed us. If you had not passed the recommendations, this would not have been an issue.”

He added that if two Minority MPs are in court over the matter, then Ghanaians also have teh right to see MPs for disappointing the nation.

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