Free SHS is a sham – Former spokesperson of the defunct Armed Forces Revolutionary Council


Former spokesperson of the defunct Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) Major(Rtd) Osahene Boakye-Djan, has criticized the Free Senior High School initiative as nothing but a ‘sham’ with no fruitful result in the country.

He said the reason why he considers the Free SHS initiative a sham is because the government is educating people freely into joblessness, considering the employment deficit in the country before the initiative was introduced.

Major (Rtd) pointed out that apart from the few whose parents have the wherewithal to send them to tertiary, what will be the fate of the many who are not fortunate to continue to the tertiary with non-existing jobs in the country to occupy them.

He said it is not only a sham but very dangerous for the country because in five years from now, there shall be a backlog of people who have been through the Free SHS system who would be roaming around lost to the job market without any benefit to their parents because they see themselves as educated individuals.


Major (Rtd) Boakye-Djan made this pronouncement in an interview with Kwaku Tutu on the 100 Degrees program on Onua TV, Monday, July 13.

He said “Free SHS is a sham, you know why? Because you are educating people freely into joblessness. Apart from a few who go to tertiary after the Free SHS, what will happen to the rest of them? It’s a sham, in fact, it’s a danger, after five years time multiplied by the number of people who turn out this year”, he charged.

“There will be a backlog of people who would be roaming around freely, whom the parents have lost to the job market, who wouldn’t even go to the farm with their parents. If the father is a carpenter, that child will look down on such a profession to even learn it because he will assume himself as an educated person”, the army veteran posited on the 100 Degrees.

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