Delay Is The Most Stingy Woman The World Ever Produced – Afia Shwarzenneger


Afia Schwarzenegger, popular Ghanaian actress and socialite, has said that Deloris Frimpong Manso, also known as Delay, is the most stingy person she has ever met.

She believes that she will like to develop a relationship with a needy person than a stingy person because the poor person would share because he or she has, while the stingy person would not.

She then explained that she would like to be with a poor person who gives because of her friendship with Delay, who, when she didn’t want to spend money, convinced her that they were on a slimming course and that they wouldn’t feed, while Delay joined her in eating when she bought food with money.


“I’ll choose a needy person and he or she may choose to give you money when they get paid. Because of my experience with Delay, I would not want a stingy guy. She is the most stingy person I’ve ever seen. She’ll think we’re on a slimming course and she’ll get something for me to enjoy. But she will eat if I buy food with my money.” she said

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