Sleeping around for money as a means of survival is not wrong – Efia Odo


Efia Odo has made an assertion that sleeping around for money as a means of survival is not wrong as many people have deemed it.

In our modern day and age, people who exchange s3x for money are called prostitutes which the law frowns upon but according to Efia, those people are just trying to survive like everyone else, she told BBC News Pidgin.

Per Efia’s assertion, it is their choice and should not be the business of others.

Speaking on actress selling sex for roles, Efia Odo confirmed that some actress sleep with big men in the movie industry and politicians.


She said, “Some of them sleep around. Even if they sleep with politicians and men for money, how does that concern you? Or anybody? We are all trying to eat and survive.”

According to the actress, a Ghanaian actor has to appear in 2,000 movie roles before they can afford to buy a Toyota.

She continued by saying that if someone wants to use what they have, their body, to get what they want, money. Then mind your business, especially when he is not your husband.

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