Look at people who eat dog and donkey meat closely and see if they’re ‘correct’ – Rev. Eastwood asks


Founder and leader of the Eastwood Anaba Ministries has described people who eat dog meat as people who are not ‘correct’.

According to him, every individual who eats dog meat has a sordid character just like the dog that walks on the streets.

The Man of God made this known while Preaching to the children of God in a sermon which has since gone viral on social media.


He said “Christian you get up and go town and their selling dog meat, you go and buy, they are selling donkey meat…look at the way you look? Look at everyone who eats dog meat and look at their character whether you see difference between dog and pig and a human being. I am yet to see somebody who eats public dog and donkey meat who looks correct. Look at their stomach, look at their waist, look at the way they walk, look at the way they reason, look at the way they think,” the man of God said.

Dog meat is a sumptuous delicacy for the frafra people in the Upper East region. Former Deputy Roads Minister Anthony Karbo indicated during his vetting that it was imperative that a factory for dog meat is set up as it could contribute to the providing the country with some form of income.

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