‘I was offered tea, I wasn’t offered any biscuit’ – Rojo Mettle- Nunoo tells court


The third witness of the John Dramani Mahama election petition Rojo Mettle Nunoo, who is currently being cross-examined by the lawyer of the Electoral Commissioner in the election petition has said while he was waiting to meet to Chairperson of the Electoral Commissioner after he left the strong room, he was offered just-tea contrary to the lawyer’s statement that he was offered tea and biscuits.

While trying to explain why he left the strong room at the Electoral Commission headquarters, he told the court he consulted Dr. Serebour Quaicoe, who is the Director of Electoral Services at the Electoral Commission (EC), and informed him that he was going to see the commission’s chairperson.

After this according to him, he made a phone call to Jean Mensa who invited him to come over to her office.

When asked again by Counsel Justin Amenuvor, if he left the Strong room out of his free will, Rojo Mettle maintained that it was a matter of representing his presidential candidate and doing his work properly and officially and not about his free will.

It was at this point that the lawyer mentioned that he was in the secretariat for close to three hours waiting for Jean Mensa.

Mr. Mettle-Nunoo responded to this, saying, “I was told to wait and it is for that reason that I was shown a reception area to her office and I kept on waiting until she came,”.


When asked how long he was there for, Rojo Mettle responded he was there for a considerable length of time.

Justin Amenuvor further suggested that he was offered some snacks whilst waiting.

“Even whilst there you were offered tea and biscuit not so?” he quizzed.

To which the witness responded, “I was offered tea, I wasn’t offered any biscuit.”

This statement briefly erupted laughter among persons in the courtroom, including the EC chair who was also present for today’s sitting.

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