Pure water seller deceived, commits two abortions


An anonymous pure water seller has shared on Happy FM’s ‘Nsem Pii’ how she was deceived and caused to commit two abortions for a married man.

The woman while speaking on phone during the ‘Bone Ka’ session of the show, mentioned that before meeting this married man (whom she initially believed was single), she already had two children whose father has passed away.

This married man came into her life like her saving grace and helped her with everything she needed to take care of her children but as soon as pregnancy showed its face, he would ask her to get rid of it.


“This man made me abort two pregnancies and on the third one, I refused to abort so he left me. I used to go to Korle-bu during the pregnancy and the doctors told me that I would have to have an operation.”

According to her, she tried everything to convince the man to marry her but he always refused.

It was only during her pregnancy when the wife of her suitor came warning her to stay away from her husband, that she got to know of his marital status.

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