Franklin Cudjoe writes…


I have been following the news about the EC and its bold disregard for the President’s directives on social distancing. A few weeks ago, the NIA had to be publicly rebuked for doing same. It has become difficult to believe the President and our legion of law enforcers are not interested in the beserking behaviours of the NIA and EC. What disturbs be greatly about the EC is the useful idiocy of some of the officers pretending to be so interested in executing their mandate to the delight of their bosses , in the midst of a pandemic and risking their own lives and that of their loved ones in the process. Then, I ask, couldn’t the EC’s meeting of over 40 frontline election officers been done virtually? And why did the EC go against a court order that prevented it from holding a meeting today? And why did the Police Commander look on for such wanton disregard for the courts? There must surely be a method to the madness. Sigh!!


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