NHIA donation to COVID-19 Fund not well thought through – Sylvester Mensah


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I was momentarily dazed when I saw the NHIS make a huge donation of Ghc250k to the Covid19 fund during the Minister’s briefing session on national television.

At a time when the scheme has an average payment arrears of 9 months to healthcare providers across the country?

Granted that this gesture was truly a life-line for the containment strategy, perhaps it could have been done on the quiet but even that, no!

Is it for personal political reach or it serves the interest of the critical stakeholders of the scheme?


What signal does it provide even to government – that the scheme has excess funds to spare?

Indeed, this decision is not a product of a sufficient thinking process; it is not well thought through; it further undermines the precarious situation the scheme is experiencing and only serves to deepen the mistrust and frustration among health care providers.

Bad decision, bad move!

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