Ghana’s continuous decline on the World Press Freedom Index must be of great worry to all of us- Okudzeto Writes


Ghana’s continuous decline on the World Press Freedom Index must be of great worry to all of us considering our lofty and enviable press freedom credentials.

Not too long ago, specifically in 2016, Ghana was ranked number one in Africa and 23 on the global index of some 180 countries.

The just released 2020 World Press Freedom Index points to a further decline by 3 places following our 2019 poor showing. Ghana now ranks 30 on the global table. Namibia and Cabo Verde have overtaken us on the African continent.

The report chastises Ghanaian authorities for the seeming lack of action on the gruesome murder of Tiger Eye P.I. investigative journalist Ahmed Hussein-Suale and how the vast majority of cases of police aggression against journalists have gone unpunished.

Disturbing reports of this nature affect our overall democratic outlook in the comity of nations.


As I stated in Parliament on International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists in November 2019 – some five months ago, Government must assure the nation that it is vigorously pursuing investigations into the barbaric killing of Mr. Hussein-Suale and must necessarily provide regular updates on same to the general public. Silence cannot be an acceptable option. Perhaps if Government had listened then, we would have halted the unfortunate decline.

I hope the release of the 2020 World Press Freedom Index compels the Akufo-Addo administration to act and for justice to be manifestly done.

May the killers of Ahmed Hussein-Suale be apprehended and punished and may the almighty Allah console and preserve his young family, immediate colleagues and the entire journalism fraternity.

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