Not long before I got married, I had to be admitted to the hospital due to an emergency procedure-Dzigbordi


Ghanaian business woman, speaker and consultant who owns a talk show called The Dzigbordi Show which airs in 46 countries in Africa has taken to his social media handle saying….

Not long before she got married, she had to be admitted to the hospital due to an emergency procedure. My grandma would visit and sit in my room with my Mum and talk my ear off with marriage advice. And with every single point, she will say “this is the most important one.” As I waded in and out of sleep she said something that caught my attention.

“As you both go into this marriage,don’t you both assume you were the only ones. In life both male and female can love multiple people at the same time because of how we were created, but we usually decide to choose one”.

That’s why you find homes with multiple partners. So in a relationship,the things you do must create bridges and bonds not seas and space. ( And she said it in Ga so my Mum has to interpret as she refused to).
Well she went on to voluntarily share the ideas to create the bonds and bridges.

Over the years I have shared this advice in a number of coaching sessions that may have relationship challenges and I have seen some of my clients come back and say, “you’ve got me thinking; I’m doing such and such and it’s working”.

In relationships just like with any other space in life or work we loose sight of our “dispensability”. Regardless of gender we express actions and attitudes everyday in our personal and professional relationships . This leads to people around us making the choices that matter for their future.

In this RESET season, let’s reflect on how we can be aligned much better with the people we love, the clients we serve, and the colleagues we partner to do great things. We are dispensable but we are the selected and the chosen ones! Let’s make it work!


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