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Coronavirus was in China around October 2019 but they tried to hide it from the world. Our hardworking Ghanaian brothers and sister went in and out of China ignorant of this deadly disease. During December last year, many people had the symptoms of what has come to be known as Covid-19 – dry cough, fever, sore throat and runny nose which in some cases leads to pneumonia and even death.

During the same period last year, many deaths were reported on social media. In most cases we were told that they died after a short illness. (Just fever) My very good friend who was suffering from some respiratory illness had pneumonia and died. (I’m not concluding that he or any other deceased person died of covid-19)

What I’m saying is that, it is very important that we investigate and know if this deadly disease has been with us and has killed some of our loved ones already or not. This will help us find a better way to deal with such issues in the future. It is also important that we put money into the Ga South Municipal hospital aka Akawe at McCarty Hill which is one of the few communicable disease control facilities we have in Ghana before we import a stone from Israel to build a cathedral.


Do you disaagree with me? Let’s hear your opinion. Or your only opinion is to insult? So that what? I won’t talk again? Come on my guy…

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