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10 Surprising Facts About Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is more than just a past FLOTUS. She’s an icon and role model for women all over who made revolutionary changes in social issues like healthy living, education, and poverty.

Her autobiography inspired people everywhere and humanized her, from humble upbringing in Chicago to her White House years. Here are the most surprising facts about Mrs. Obama that you may not have known.

1. A regular childhood

Michelle Obama was born to a city pump operator and Democratic precinct captain called Fraser, while her mother Marian was a secretary at Spiegel’s before becoming a stay at home mom, they lived in a tiny bungalow on the South Side of Chicago, where she slept in the living room with her brother Craig, using a sheet as a room divider.

2. A bond with her brother


Although Michelle and her brother Craig were 21 months apart in age, many people frequently thought they were twins, even though he was her older brother. They both attended Princeton University.

3. A focus on education

Michelle and Craig were both raised with a focus on education. Her parents taught them to read by the age of 4, which led to accelerated learning at school. They skipped the second grade, and by sixth grade, Michelle was in her school’s gifted program.

4. She once refused to date Barack

Michelle was once Barack’s boss! He was an intern, and she was his advisor. At first, she refused to go out with him, worried about crossing professional boundaries. But at one point, she gave into their insane chemistry, and after 2 years together, he asked her to marry him.


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